Wxoutputstream write a resume

The position is expressed in bytes. The stream is the output wxStream. The stream is the input stream to be decoded. Data must be coded with the specified file coding You must use a sound format object to do this. Used carelessly, it may corrupt the current state of the stream.

From the wxSoundFileStream point of view it is an internal function. On success, it returns TRUE. When you are in recording mode, the file headers are updated and flushed if possible ie: This length is expressed in bytes.

But it must be considered as an internal function. It must return when the file is identified and the parameters have been set. Warning Some wxStream may not be capable to support this function as it may not support the seekable functionnality. Stop bool Stop It stops either recording or playing.

This length is expressed in seconds. This is the goal of this function. The playing begins, in background in nearly all cases, after the return of the function.

You have to precise the recording length in parameter. It is called by Stop when it needs to stop the audio data processing. Play bool Play It starts playing the file.

wxLua 12 Reference Manual for wxWidgets 12

Internally, it is called after the file stream has been prepared to be played or to receive audio data and when it wants to start processing audio data. This should not be called by an external user but it should be implemented when you inherit wxSoundFileStream to build a new codec.

On success, it returns TREE. Whatever happens even unexpected errorsthe stream is stopped when the function returns. Pause bool Pause The file codec tries to pause the stream: StartProduction bool StartProduction int evt It is really not advised you call this function. This is useful for those who want to build a player But also in some other case.

The codec returns to a stopped state when it reaches the end of the file. You will have access to the playback functions. Record bool Record wxUint32 time It starts recording data from the sound stream and writing them to the output stream.

Actually, this includes reading headers and setting the various parameters of the sound format.

wxLua 0 Reference Manual for wxWidgets 7

Once it has been constructed, you cannot change any of the specified streams nor the direction of the stream. CanRead bool CanRead You should use this function to test whether this file codec can read the stream you passed to it. Resume bool Resume When the file codec has been paused using Pauseyou could be interrested in resuming it.

Data are returned using in the original file coding You must use a sound format object to decode it.

- wxWidgets may now use either wchar_t (UTF/32) or UTF-8 internally, depending on what is optimal for the target platform. - New webview library, implementing wxWebView: a wrapper for the native. Comprehensive article on how to make a resume.

Included: format, fonts, layout, categories, verbs and more. Resume templates and examples included. bool CheckCommand(const wxString& command.

bool Abort(): Annule un transfert en cours. bool RmFile(const wxString& path): Supprime un fichier sur le serveur. wxOutputStream* GetOutputStream(const wxString& path):. Update of /cvsroot/wxlua/wxLua/modules/wxbind/include In directory douglasishere.com:/tmp/cvs-serv/wxLua/modules/wxbind/include Modified Files: wxbind.h.

the Kybalion “the Lips of Wisdom Are Closed Except to the Ears of Understanding”. bool Write(const wxString& key, wxString &value); // Since Lua uses double as it's number type, we only read/write doubles bool Write(const wxString &key, double value).

Wxoutputstream write a resume
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